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Raisins are essentially dried grapes and have a distinctly sweet and succulent taste. Raisins are available in two broad varieties, the black currants and the sultanas. The richest source of antioxidants.

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Black Kishmish - Black Raisins
Sweet, rich, resplendent, mouthwatering, throw in a cup full of these in your baking and dessert making.  ...

Price : Rs. 195.00
Green Kishmish - Green Raisins
Commonly known as sultana raisins or golden raisins, use these in your salads and desserts or add them to  ...

Price : Rs. 195.00
Indian Kishmish - Dry Grapes
Savor a cup full of these succulent Indian Kishmish everyday and watch the wonders it does. Include them in  ...

Price : Rs. 135.00
Afghani Kismis - Afghani Raisins
Juicy and delectable, these Afghani kismis are rich in anti-oxidants and minerals. You can use them in your  ...

Price : Rs. 250.00
Jumbo Raisins - Jumbo Kismis
Avarya's jumbo raisins are ideal for all your cakes and sweets. Delicious, succulent and healthy, you can  ...

Price : Rs. 550.00