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Avarya's mouth freshener bites combine refreshing goodness with a yummy taste to create a match made in flavour heaven. We offer an array of mixes to appeal to different tastes and sensibilities. A distinct treat, they are easy to travel with for a breath of fresh air at any time!

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Aam Papad Bites - Aam Ka Papad
Treat yourself with these luscious Aam Papad Bites from Avarya. Made of pure mango pulp that are sun-dried  ...

Price : Rs. 140.00
Ginger Bites - Raw Ginger Bite
Revel in the sharp taste and warm flavour of ginger with our nutritious Ginger Bites. Cleanse your palate  ...

Price : Rs. 205.00
Jamun Chips - Healthy Jamun Chips
Enriched with goodness, these Jamun Chips are an ideal for those who are looking for a sweet and tangy bite.  ...

Price : Rs. 240.00
Honey Amla - Honey Awla
Refresh your breath and ease your digestive system after a heavy meal with Avarya's homemade honey and amla  ...

Price : Rs. 110.00
Masala Amla Candy - Masala Awla Candy
Coated in tasty and tangy spices and caramelized for the sweet taste, Avarya's homemade masala amla candy  ...

Price : Rs. 135.00
Tamarind Bites - Haldi Bites
Snack on the succulent Tamarind Bites made of natural tamarind along with other tasteful ingredients. This  ...

Price : Rs. 140.00
Laadi Aam Papad - Aam Papad
This Laadi Aam Papad is a sweet, sour and yellow customary Indian snack made from the pulp of mango. Mixed  ...

Price : Rs. 70.00
3 in 1 Aam Papad Bites - Mix Aam Papad Bite
Enjoy the taste of tamarind, mango and raw mango, together in each bite of this 3 in 1 Aam Papad Bites from  ...

Price : Rs. 140.00
Meetha Aam Bites - Mitha Mango
Serve these Meetha Aam Bites from Avarya to your guests after your dinner party. This amazing mouth-freshener  ...

Price : Rs. 55.00